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That Day Animal Alphabet HD Beat Out Cookie Doodle

Last October, I unofficially partnered up with Fish the Mouse Media and headed up the programming for Animal Alphabet HD, the interactive and kid-friendly alphabet app exclusively for iPad. After nearly 6 months of development (in mostly evening hours) interrupted only by the birth of my daughter in January 2011, the app was released to [...]

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RIV Announces RaptureXML for iOS!

I’m so pleased to announce a new project that’s now on GitHub called RaptureXML. It was born from the sheer aggravation using any of the current XML frameworks has caused me — and I’m sure every other iOS developer out there! The beauty of RaptureXML is the ability to use query paths, which leverage a [...]

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Trying to Invent the iPad — Back in 2001

One of my clients is headed to CES in a few short days with some Rapture In Venice software in tow (in progress right now!) and it’s reminded me of my last experience with CES. It happened back in 2001… Back then, I worked for a company called Qubit Technology. I’d left InfoBeat the year [...]

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Smart Stacks v1.0 for iPad Released!

Pleased to announce that Rapture In Venice, in partnership with Patrick Hansen, has released Smart Stacks, a kids’ educational flash-card app exclusively for iPad! It’s been 6 months in the making and work on it came after all my full-time *and* client work. But, with both of us equally busy, we executed and got it [...]

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