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What We Do

Rapture In Venice, LLC specializes in all aspects of iPhone, iPad, and Android app creation.


Presentation to your user is of utmost importance to your user, and we’re not just talking pretty graphics here. Yes, the graphical polish is important. Did you know that the app icon is the single-most important file of your app? The app icon is the first impression any prospective user will see. Miss, and they’ll choose your competitor’s app instead. But that’s a digression…

User Experience (UX) is what separates the best of the best. The goal is to make it as simple and quick as possible for a user to do what it is they want to do. If it took you just a few extra seconds to send a tweet, you might not do it so often, or at all. For mobile, it’s doubly important, and the user interface (UI) also has to make it as obvious as possible to accomplish what you want.


Once the design is set, development comes next and you need someone who can develop an app that does what you want and does it correctly. Nothing harms an app’s reputation more than bugs. An app makes a guarantee to the user through the user interface and it’s the development team that has to execute on that promise.

Backend Services

Your app may not just be a mobile app, either. At RIV, we can provide the talent to create backend services that your idea will be built on. You truly have an app that’s been created from end to end.

Our Clients

We truly appreciate all of the people we’ve worked with in the past and love to maintain relationships that allow our apps to evolve and work with the newest technologies that Apple and Google provide for us. We hope you’ll join this list!

  • Jiffi
  • Left Field Labs
  • POSSIBLE Mobile
  • Anodyne Shoe Mfg.
  • Mile High Orthotics Lab
  • Vail Resorts
  • Blinker
  • 58 North
  • Lextech Global Services
  • Hoya Vision
  • Vladimir Jones
  • Kattack
  • Motili
  • PETA
  • Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
  • NetFuzion
  • VisionTEK
  • bieMEDIA
  • Fish the Mouse Media
  • Fuzz Alert
  • AutoSmartSoft
  • PassTouch
  • Spectangle
  • Print
  • Facebook
  • Twitter

John Blanco

John Blanco is a freelance iOS developer in Denver, CO. He's been developing mobile apps for 12 years, starting during the medieval days of Java ME, making him the ultimate hipster mobile engineer. Follow him on Twitter!

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