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Apple Quality is Down the Shitter


In 2007, I got a job with EffectiveUI here in Denver as a Flex Developer.  I’ll never forget my first day there: I was sitting alone at my desk for almost the entire day with nothing to do because nobody there had thought to have a computer ready for me when I started… (I actually spent […]


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RIV Announces RaptureXML for iOS!

I’m so pleased to announce a new project that’s now on GitHub called RaptureXML. It was born from the sheer aggravation using any of the current XML frameworks has caused me — and I’m sure every other iOS developer out there! The beauty of RaptureXML is the ability to use query paths, which leverage a […]


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InnerBand Tutorial Part 2: Core Data Quick and Easy!

This is the second part of a multi-part series on the InnerBand Framework. Previously, in InnerBand Tutorial Part 1: Introduction and Functions, I reviewed what the InnerBand Framework is and the basic mechanics of its macros. The various Apple frameworks are hit and miss. Some of them, such as UIKit, are spot on in their […]


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InnerBand Tutorial Part 1: Introduction and Functions

Over the course of developing many iOS-based apps for a variety of customers such as Sports Authority, Navy Federal Credit Union, Fuzz Alert, Map My Fitness, and more, you begin to sense a pattern with how you use the iOS SDK and what your coding practices are in Objective-C. An overwhelming sensation that you’re doing […]


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Is an Objective-C Minifier Possible?

My coworker-friend-buddy, Sean, and I are putting the final touches on our iPhone framework, iBoost. One thing we have to think about now is how it will integrate with our (and your) applications. There are two basic strategies I’ve seen: Copy the source code into the project. This is never done with Java projects, but […]


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