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Using RaptureXML in RubyMotion

One of the cooler features of RubyMotion is that you can bring in your favorite 3rd-party Objective-C code. Without this ability, you wouldn’t be able to use essential libraries such as Cocos2D, Sparrow and SDWebImage. Could you imagine?

Although the process RubyMotion requires to bring this code in is easier than you’d expect, it can be tricky and sometimes technical. That being said, if you’re looking to use RaptureXML in ruby form, here’s a sample Rakefile and usage.


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Tutorial: Using RaptureXML Like A Pro!

In a world with evolving data formats such as YAML and JSON, it’s remarkable how much we still use XML, but what’s even more remarkable is just how bad the XML parser offerings are for iOS. Whether you use the native NSXMLParser stuff or any of the many third-party frameworks, you’re forced to write a […]


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InnerBand Tutorial Part 3: The Magical Message Center

This is the third part of a multi-part series on the InnerBand Framework. Previously, in InnerBand Tutorial Part 2: Core Data Quick and Easy!, I reviewed the Core Data Store and how it makes working with Core Data actually…kinda fun! From the community of InnerBand developers, I’ve heard nothing but compliments and happiness about what […]


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RIV Announces RaptureXML for iOS!

I’m so pleased to announce a new project that’s now on GitHub called RaptureXML. It was born from the sheer aggravation using any of the current XML frameworks has caused me — and I’m sure every other iOS developer out there! The beauty of RaptureXML is the ability to use query paths, which leverage a […]


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