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Google is Winning the Developers; How Apple Can Win Them Back in an Instant

Google I/O went very well this morning. While I’m predominantly an iOS developer, I also write Android apps and, boy, was I blown away by Google’s intoxicating love for developers like me. Starting with the recent ability to reply to your Android app reviews (OMG), the announcements today were just as aweesome. Google Play Services […]


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Task List Pro now FREE — Here’s Why

Today, I made a few decisions with the small, but proud, set of apps that Rapture In Venice calls its very own on the App Store. First, and most importantly, Task List Pro is now free. Free as in beer. The reason why I’m doing this is because (A) I don’t market, advertise, or rely […]


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That Day Animal Alphabet HD Beat Out Cookie Doodle

Last October, I unofficially partnered up with Fish the Mouse Media and headed up the programming for Animal Alphabet HD, the interactive and kid-friendly alphabet app exclusively for iPad. After nearly 6 months of development (in mostly evening hours) interrupted only by the birth of my daughter in January 2011, the app was released to […]


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