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What My Clients Say

“The build really shows off the zoom, accuracy and stability. Nice job! Your coding skilz are impressive. I knew the overlay with the picture would be a challenge, but you knocked it out quickly!”

– Dr. Thomas Gosling, Optometrist, Optical Matters

“AND, thanks for busting ass to get to the point where we were able to use Spectangle last weekend. Thomas and I had people blown away!”

– Ron Barnes, Director of Project Marketing, Hoya Vision

“Well, the first of our two test days did not go as planned… it went incredibly better! … Well, suffice it to say, I’m pumped. I realize the test group was extremely small, but I did not expect the responses to be so overwhelmingly positive. If we lived closer, I’d suggest a beer or something… so, great work! …and, Cheers!”

– Jason Boger, CEO, PassTouch

“Developer John Blanco worked from Denver’s light rails for a few days so he could always be moving while coding and testing the GPS integration.”

– Per my work with Double Encore as Technical Lead, 2012 Communication Arts Annuals

“Without hesitation we highly recommend John Blanco. His communications skills suited us very well, he challenged us to ensure we had the right ideas, methods and tools, and then helped us refine our product vision. He works exceptionally well both independently and in a group setting, tending to lead but performed well as a team member too. He led for us a small Agile development group through to a very successful commercial product launch.”

– Gilbert Flamino, Principal Architect, newnetwork.cc, LLC.

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John Blanco

John Blanco is a freelance iOS and Xamarin developer living in Lakewood, CO. He's been developing mobile apps for 10 years, beginning in the medieval days of Java ME and Blackberry, making him the ultimate hipster mobile engineer. Follow him on Twitter!

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