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Using MotoBlur as a Dev Phone

At my office, I’m using a new Motorola MotoBlur as a dev phone for Android development. Wanted to share a little wrinkle in setting it up.

As is common with Android, going to Settings -> Development presents you with an option to use your phone as a dev phone by linking it up to your laptop via USB. However, on MotoBlur, this isn’t enough. When you use adb to find connected devices, your MotoBlur won’t appear.

To get things working, drag down from the status bar on the phone and select “USB Connection”. You will see your syncing options. Select “None”. Now you can hook up your phone via USB and adb will find it.

That is all.

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John Blanco

John Blanco is a freelance iOS and Xamarin developer living in Lakewood, CO. He's been developing mobile apps for 10 years, beginning in the medieval days of Java ME and Blackberry, making him the ultimate hipster mobile engineer. Follow him on Twitter!

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One thought on “Using MotoBlur as a Dev Phone
  • Luis Rodriguez says:

    I actually had the same problem a couple of days ago, I just finish my first functional Android proyect and wanted to test it in my Motoblur. Anyway, It is working now :). Thanks for the info.