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Introducing WebImageView

As a big fan of SDWebImage, I was both shocked and dismayed that the Android world had no such component. If you’re not familiar, SDWebImage is an iOS UIImageView extension that lets you set Web URL’s and have them automatically loaded and cached for better performance later.

Often, a developer can get away with their own loading if a single screen has a single graphic to display. Not so for table views, which not only require a lot more concurrent loading but need to be able to properly handle cancelations efficiently as items scroll onto and off the screen.

So, Rapture In Venice has authored the URL-loading, caching WebImageView for Android developers and it’s available for free on GitHub. Documentation included.

Enjoy. :-)

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John Blanco

John Blanco is a freelance iOS developer in Denver, CO. He's been developing mobile apps for 12 years, starting during the medieval days of Java ME, making him the ultimate hipster mobile engineer. Follow him on Twitter!

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