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A Bit About Myself

Hi! I’m John Blanco and I’m an expert mobile developer specializing in all aspects of iPhone, iPad, AppleTV and cross-platform Xamarin development.

I started my professional career in 1998 powering the early email distribution systems at InfoBeat in downtown Denver, Colorado. We pushed email to the customers of companies like Charles Schwab and Rolling Stone among many, many others.

Following that, I found myself on the front lines of the “Internet Appliance” revolution. Computer systems in-wall controlling your devices? I developed them. Portable touchscreen-driven “tablets” that pre-dated the iPad by many years? I worked with a team to help make that happen. In fact, I wrote the first application that allowed someone to text chat with friends on AIM and Yahoo! via a handheld computer.

I’ve also specialized in Flash/Flex development in the web browser. Remember Flash? :-) Before standard HTML/Javascript could adequately power professional apps on the Internet, I worked on the largest Flash application ever made: a Workers’ Compensation program built for several insurance companies across the United States. I also led development on the Neopets game that was on display when Adobe AIR was announced in 2008.

During this time I also did freelance work for Java ME and Blackberry development. These were the early days of mobile apps and it wasn’t nearly as pretty as it is today! This work led to my introduction to the iPhone platform and I’ve been dedicated to mobile development ever since.

My Clients

Here are the dozens of clients I’ve worked with in the past:

  • Agilitee
  • Deloitte Digital
  • Jiffi
  • Left Field Labs
  • POSSIBLE Mobile
  • Anodyne Shoe Mfg.
  • Mile High Orthotics Lab
  • Vail Resorts
  • Blinker
  • 58 North
  • Lextech Global Services
  • Hoya Vision
  • Vladimir Jones
  • Kattack
  • Motili
  • PETA
  • Southwest Research Institute (SWRI)
  • NetFuzion
  • VisionTEK
  • bieMEDIA
  • Fish the Mouse Media
  • Fuzz Alert
  • AutoSmartSoft
  • PassTouch
  • Spectangle
  • Print
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John Blanco

John Blanco is a freelance iOS and Xamarin developer living in Lakewood, CO. He's been developing mobile apps for 10 years, beginning in the medieval days of Java ME and Blackberry, making him the ultimate hipster mobile engineer. Follow him on Twitter!

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