Smart Stacks

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  • Learn

    This application makes flash card style learning easy and fun with the convenience of a self contained application on your iPad. You can learn in multiple languages, too.

  • Teach

    Not only can this be used to learn, but you can also teach with it! Parents and teachers can add this to their educational toolbox to guide children and students.

  • Entertain

    Although this is an educational application, we wanted to make it enjoyable to teach and learn. This is based on the traditional flash card approach of teaching, making learning fun and exciting.

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Smart Stacks

The Smart Stacks iPad application is an educational tool targeted towards parents and young children to make learning fun and entertaining. This application cuts out complex and uneccessary features, making it a very simple, yet highly functional learning resource.

We know how kids are, and not only are they eager to learn, but they love interacting with things. The streamlined UI provides all the functionality you need, without interfering with the actual play space.


  • Simple UI

    There are very streamlined interface elements, providing an easy-to-use application for a variety of age groups including children as young as three years of age. The intent of the application is to allow young and old children to be able to interact and begin enjoying the application with minimal effort and unnecessary options or complicated features. The colorful graphics and interactions are sure to keep users engaged while they learn.

  • Educational

    The application is intended to be used not only for entertainment purposes, but educational as well. Targeting young children, this app allows children to use visual image and word association to learn a varierty of subjects, including the alphabet, numbers, foods, and animals.

  • Multi-Language Support

    The Smart Stacks iPad application supports localization for 7 languages. You can use this in a variety of regions around the world.

    Along with localization, you can use this to teach/learn multiple languages! We have built-in, on-the-fly language options, so during flash card play, you can switch the language and continue learning from where you were.

For more information or to purchase this app (for only $1.99!), please visit the Apple iTunes iPad App Store.