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Speeding up Android Studio

I’ve been using Android Studio for about a year now, adopting it early to get a jump on things. And in that time, I’ve certainly had my share of frustrations with it, but it’s going to be a superior tool to ADT when it comes out of beta, so it’s worth it to use it […]


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Don’t Write a Class, Write a Category!

As an iPhone freelancer, I develop a lot of iOS apps. A lot. And one of the most important things to my business is that I leverage as much of my past work as possible when it comes to new projects. I have several strategies, but today I wanted to share one of my favorites: […]


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Coding Kata Exercises

Coding Kata are simple problems you can solve using TDD techniques to help you practice unit testing and development with various platforms and languages as well as to “sharpen” you up for the day. Get the brain working. The fingers moving. You know. :-) I’m compiling a list of Kata to practice with here. Give […]


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Coding Standards Are a Farce!

As young companies prosper and development teams grow, the inevitable conversation always becomes about agreeing on a set of coding standards that every developer must rigidly follow. We’ve all been there for the same tired meeting. The Meeting “Every one of us most write our code the same way to be successful.” “But we’ve had […]


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A Checklist for your Mobile Functional Spec

When constructing a spec for your client, starting from scratch can be a little painful as it’s very easy to forget the “boilerplate” functionality you need to know about. Here’s a little bootstrap to get you started on what you need to ask: Target Devices – What devices does the app need to run on? […]


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